Holiday Special HovaBator 1602n With Automatic Egg Turner

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This is a great kit for anyone looking to get started in incubation. Hova Bator Incubator (Model 1602N) Complete with thermometer, snap action thermostat and easy-to-clean sanitary liner. Made of durable styrofoam to help retain warmth and keep a constant temperature. Incubator features two 5″x 4″ viewing windows (great for educational purposes!) and moisture rings built into the liner. Overall dimensions are 18″ x 18″ x 9-1/4″. This is a 110V version, but we do offer a voltage converter for 220/240V. See international page for details. IncuTurnTM Automatic Egg Turner for HovaBator Egg Incubators The IncuTurnTM for HovaBator has been carefully engineered and tested and will fit all current HovaBator desktop incubators**. The universal egg tray holds any size egg, saving you from purchasing expensive egg racks for different egg sizes. The automatic egg turner gently rolls the eggs six times per day, which prevents the yolk from settling while exercising the embryo. This rolling action is very similar to how eggs are turned in nature. The universal egg tray can hold 42 Chicken*, 70 Quail*, or 28 Goose eggs*. Installing the IncuTurnTM for HovaBator is a breeze, simply slide the motor clip over the edge of the incubator and attach the turning tray and you’re ready to start incubating. This product is a direct replacement for all HovaBator Egg Turners (including models 1611 & 1610).

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