SummerHawk Ranch Victorian Teak Barn Chicken Coop

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Dimensions: 78L x 30W x 48H in.
Constructed from wood
Natural wood finish



Treat your egg-laying ladies to their dream home with the SummerHawk Ranch Victorian Teak Barn Chicken Coop. Designed to be space-efficient, this coop is built by hand of weather- and pest-resistant solid fir. It includes a galvanized mesh-enclosed run where your birds can forage a bit and exercise. The coop features a durable, corrugated plastic roof and a covered run for shade and protection against excess rainwater. Galvanized mesh keeps the enclosure secure. Collect eggs with ease – just lift the waist-height prop-up door for access to the two-stall nesting box. Note: To maximize quality of life for your flock, it is recommended that you allow your chickens out of the enclosure to roam freely in your yard during the day. This will provide your flock with natural foraging opportunities to keep them healthy and happy. If you are not able to free-range your chickens during the day, you should house no more than two birds in this coop. Also, you will need to provide additional run space with one or more Universal Expansion Pens, also available from SummerHawk Ranch (sold separately.) Additional Features Spacious interior with 2 nest stalls and 2 roosting bars Adjustable ventilation No bending or crouching; easy access to the nesting stalls at waist height Removable sliding metal tray allows access for cleaning Premium-grade galvanized mesh enclosure for maximum protection Includes ramp for access to roost 4 doors provide access to all parts of the coop Predator-resistant spring-bolt latches on each door One person can assemble in about 30 minutes with just an electric screwdriver! Create additional run space by attaching one or more Universal Expansion Pens (sold separately.) Dimensions: 78L x 30W x 48H in.. Constructed from wood. Natural wood finish. Can hold 1 – 3 chickens. Assembly is required.
Dimensions: 78L x 30W x 48H in.
Constructed from wood
Natural wood finish
Can hold 1 – 3 chickens
Assembly is required

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